Providing the best in disability assistance & support across greater Melbourne.

Amal Care provides extensive support services to suit a range of budgets and NDIS requirements.  We can assist in facilitating a custom designed care plan that takes into consideration your specific lifestyle needs, individual goals and different support structures.

While independent living is the ultimate goal, Amal Care strives to achieve the perfect balance for each participant through the diverse implementation of various activities, community participation, life skills and empowerment solutions.

About Us

Connecting and enabling client participation

Our support workers are very proactive and fully engaged with every client, providing the necessary companionship our participants long for on a daily basis. We provide streamlined access to a range of personal and leisure activities; weekends away, social interactions within the local community, as well as organising valuable time with friends and family members.

Assisting with life stage transitioning and developing practical life skill sets

Every set of circumstances is unique to each individual. Whether it’s increased medical support at home, learning a new life skill or taking up a new hobby, we can help make your life easier and more fulfilling.

Assistance with indoor and outdoor household tasks

There comes a time when things become too hard to manage on your own. Amal Care can assist with a range of help around the house including cooking services, cleaning, property maintenance and general everyday upkeep.

Accommodation and tenancy assistance

We can assist with all types of accommodation and tenancy solutions to suit your needs. Depending on your individual circumstances, we can help with basic tenancy assistance or more complex live in arrangements to get the support you need.

Assist Personal Activities

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